For members of CCS Medical's Managed Care partners

LivingLinked is a program offering support and assistance to those diabetes patients who use an insulin pump and/or a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Patients receive personalized service from a team of Registered Nurses and Certified Diabetes Educators.

The goal of LivingLinked is to help these patients stay updated on the insulin pump and CGM technology and motivated to control their blood sugars, giving them more freedom and better health. Patients discover new tips and techniques to achieve better diabetes management, which can result in improved glucose control throughout their lives:

  • Tools for carb counting
  • Wearing and using an insulin pump
  • Choosing the best pump supplies
  • CGM use and insurance coverage
  • Online resources
  • Updates on nutrition
  • Advanced features for basal and bolus management

For more information about this program, please email