Diet and Nutrition

Making the right food choices can help you manage your condition. Different foods will have different reactions with your body and cause different reactions with your stoma. Follow a special diet for at least six to eight weeks to help avoid unpleasant odor, gas, and blockage.

  • Some of the foods that produce odors: cabbage, garlic and peanut butter.
  • Examples of gaseous foods: beans, melon, and milk.
  • To help prevent blockage, drink 8 to 10 cups of liquid a day.

Slowly add one new food at a time to avoid stomach problems. Be sure to chew your food well. People with an ostomy should be able to return to a normal diet.

Check out these helpful food hints from the United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA.) For more information on diet and nutrition and managing your ostomy, consult the UOAA at

Direct any medical questions to a health care professional. Always consult with your physician before modifying any course of treatment.