°Vida Latina!

For members of CCS Medical's Managed Care partners

Because of the high incidence rate for diabetes among the Latino population (two to four times that of non-Latino Caucasians), CCS Medical has a special Latino program called "°Vida Latina!" to address this group and the early onset of diabetes that often occurs.

Designed to be culturally relevant, "°Vida Latina!" reaches out to the Spanish-speaking community through:

  • A Spanish Specialty Team that has a bilingual staff of 12, who come from five Latino countries
  • A dedicated Spanish toll-free number 1.800.842.6021
  • Certified Diabetes Educators who can assess patients, along with their backgrounds, including their cultural beliefs, influences and lifestyle.
  • Written correspondence in Spanish adapted to the dialect of the patient
  • "One-call Resolution" to assist patients with all their needs, including diabetes, pharmacy, insulin pump, and billing.
  • Numerous educational resources in Spanish, including a Diabetes Education Guide, diabetes nutrition placements and carb counting handouts.

For more information about this program, please email clinicalservices@ccsmed.com.